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An Exclusive Online Conference on Islamic Bioethics

A fully online, exceptional two-day international conference on Fiqh of Medicine! Join the global Al Balagh community in this massive event to learn about the advancements in the medical field and bioethics from an Islamic perspective, explained by globally renowned and recognised keynote Speakers, Muslim Academics and Shari'a Scholars. Attend the numerous panel discussions to get the hang of the contemporary understanding of Fiqh of Medicine from the comfort of your own home, including Al Balagh's elaborate lectures, presentations, panels and more. Plus, the worldwide network of medical professionals and academics will be at your fingertips; build important relationships and initiate conversations that will shape the future of Islamic bioethics.

Live Attendance at the Conference

2 Days online conference with experts

24/7 Access to Resources

Access to presentations and HD quality recorded videos

Panel Discussions

Access to thought-provoking panel discussions with subject experts

Live Interactive Sessions

Live interactive online Q&A sessions with speakers

The Islamic Perspective On Medical Ethics

Join our special international conference to learn and discuss some of the most important up and coming knowledge and research in the field of Islamic Bioethics and Medical Fiqh, delivered by some of the most recognised personalities in the field.
  • 2000+ Expected Attendees
  • 20+ Speakers
  • 10+ Panel Discussions

The International Fiqh of Medicine Conference ’21

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